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Anonymous Asked:
I never got a chance to actually thank you for the barastuck, it was beautiful. The world needed more barastuck.

Aw thank you!
Happy you enjoy the Baras~

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Can I keep it?

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Anonymous Asked:
You are really cute, may you live a long and happy Gamtav <3 & Gamkar <> filled life! (:

Aaaaah, thank you so much Anon!!!

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Can I keep it?

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*Picks up Tablet Pen*

Prepare for Clown woobification.

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Favourite part in Jurassic Park?

When Gamzee Makara got fucking eaten by the T-Rex.

Good riddance.

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loadsamomo replied to your post: I put so much fukin Cheese on this Pi…

you’re the greatest

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I put so much fukin Cheese on this Pizza

I love it.

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Trying to teach my little Brothers how to Juggle.

I must pass down the Clown lineage.

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I’m Baking Pizza

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He said maybe

I can’t get excited

Its probably gonna be no anyway.

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i get to pet goats tomorrow B)

Pet one for me please.

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Anonymous Asked:
I am so pumped for the incoming Jurassic Park movie. I want it now.

me too!!

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Petted Cats and played with a Kitten.
Today was a good Day.